NFMS Super Stock Diesel Trucks

Profab presented the Miles Beyond 300 Predictions and this morning we post the Super Stock Diesel Truck class. The Diesel Super Stock Truck class has been one of my favorites over the last few years in Louisville. Anxious to the tough competition on Saturday in Louisville.

nfmsdsstruckTop Three 2017 NFMS
1)Van Haisley Rock Hard Ram
2)Kent Crowder Scheid Diesel
3)Don Bowling Pulling for a Cure

4)Josh Deeter Up IN Smoke
5)Carl Atley Lethal Weapon
6)Brad Deeter Oversize Load
7)Chase Eller Caretaker
henry-19978)Erik Stacey Smoknya HD
9)Chris Ryan Big Bad Dodge
10)Kyle Michael Climax
11)Brion Withrow Nut Job
12)Susan Ingram Scheid Diesel

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