NFMS Super Farm Predictions

Profab presents the Miles Beyond 300 NFMS Predictions. Each class has been incredibly difficult but the Super Farm class may have been the toughest thus far as cutting the field down to 24, really complicated things. There are former champions and top 10 finishers in the National Points series that I did not include on the list. This class will likely be one of the lower percentage classes we get correct for these predictions.  Anxious to see how the committee chooses with all of the deserving iron.

Super Farm
Farm Show Finalists 17′nfms1
1)Mike Prible Top Priority
2)Norm Kavan Magnum Force
3)Tyler Audet Pure Bred Red
4)Greg Freeze Deere Traxx
5)Jon Silsby Crop Doctor
6)Josh Miley High Maitenan$e
7)Drew Parkinson Commandeere
8)Larry Dean Never Enough

9)Brad Hart Dont Ask
10)Brook Ferris Jr. Absolutely Nuts
11)My Last Excuse Dave Whelan
12)Tony Sietsema Wolverine Deere
13)Don Viney Crank It Up
14)Michael Snepp The Perfect Storm
15)Ryan Anderson Checkin Out
16)Jason Viney All Cranked Up
SF417)Fast & Furious Don Slama

18)Allen Andrews Dakota Deere
19)Clayton Schmitt Cornhusker Cadillac
20)Dustin Platte A Gray Area

Former Champions Provisional
21)Nick Skaar Screamin Norwegian

22)Kyle Larson Hot Wire NTPA Region III Champ
23)Stan Warda Hammerin Hank NTPA Region II Champ
24)Michael Fanning Mid South  Champ

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