NFMS Limited Pro Stock Tractor Predictions

Much like the 2017 class was made up at the National Farm Machinery Show, the plan was to reward points champions with a spot in the field. The first spot was for the defending champion, the next nine were all points winners and the final two were At Large. We could have continued with points champions for the entire field but it is a hunch other pullers may be accepted with the field expansion. With there being more champions than spots, I looked at the number of hooks, wins, and if they had competed at Louisville last year. Profab presents the Miles Beyond 300 Prediction for the Limited Pro Stock class.

henry-18672017 NFMS Champ
1)Tony McDonald Well Spent

Points Champions
2)The Hartman Family Hardcore Harvester (PPL)
3)Dustin Ruth 2 Ruthless (PPL West)
4)Joe Moriondo No Green, No Glory (Outlaws)
5)Jared Friedrichs Wild Buck (Badger State)
6)Brad Boldry Smoke Fever (NTPA Region II)
7)Kevin Lindstrom Hyper Harvester (NTPA Region III)
IMG_51088)Jeremy Ploetz Big One (NTPA Region V)
9)Brett Hackstadt High Class Hooker (ITPA)
10)Brandon Coates Just Another Buck (ECIPA)

At Large
11)Justin Wagler Real Deere (2nd PPL)
12)Jason Schultz The Remedy

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