Modified Four Wheel Drive Trucks

Profab presents the Miles Beyond 300 National Farm Machinery Show Predictions for the Four Wheel Drive Modified Class.
The four wheel drive class was a great addition back to the pull in 2017. The class is tremendous on the National, Regional, and State Level which truly makes selecting 12 difficult. I am not sure who applied for this class but simply went off of my gut. For the final few picks, I went with a former champion there and a young lady who had a tremendous season with her truck in 2017. While her points finish didn’t indicate how strong she ran, Carmen Foster was in the points lead beyond the middle portion of the season with the NTPA’s Grand National circuit.

IMG_40982017 NFMS Champion
1) Peyton Davis The Punisher

NTPA/PPL Top Finishers
2)Jake Zaring Dixie Chopper
3)Gary Varner Fast Break
4)The Peterson’s Profab
5)Ted Skelton The Rock
6)David Mills War Wagon
7)Rob Foster Simply Red
8)Darrell Varner Stray Dog

IMG_7418Outlaws Top Finishers
9)Layne Thornton Thumper
10)Dustin Ridder Stroker

At Large
11)Carmen Foster Foster Child

Former Champion
12)Steve Clem Ratical

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