Light Pro Stock Predictions

Profab proudly presents Miles Beyond 300’s Light Pro Stock Tractor Predictions for the field at the National Farm Machinery Show.  This class has grown like crazy and I can only imagine how many competitors applied that truly deserve a shot in Louisville.  Here is my best guess of who was selected with 9 of the 12 being points champions or runner-up finishers in the NTPA Regional series.


IMG_3842Light Pro
NTPA Region II East

1)Kendall Houck Nothing Special
2)Kevin Smith Flirtin’ With Disaster

NTPA Region II West
3)Mike Palmer Red Avenger
4)Mike Palmer Red Avenger Classic



Other Points Champions
5)Vern Zerby Dr. LZ
6)Alan Cook Black Thunder
7)Doug/Colin Birkholz
8)Ron Beasley Farmall Fever
9)Matt Cosler All In

At Large
10)Zach Howell NHT8020
11)Carlton Cope Massey Ferguson 1150
12)Wes Spencer Bush Wacker

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