Jay Haning “Buck With No Doe” RIP

Each moment, each day, each week, each month and year, the opportunity to live life to its fullest exists for all of us, but it is a lot easier said than done to find joy in the hills and valleys of life. Over the last few years, it has been a tremendous honor to get to know and experience one of the most genuine people in the sport of pulling in Jay Haning.  For the last several years, Haning has been fighting a courageous battle against Cancer.IMG_8705

Test after test, and with new exploratory treatments, Jay lived each day to the fullest leaving his mark on the people he was able to reach. Whether he was working passionately serving his customers for John Deere, or he was striving for greatness strapped into the seat of the smoke-throwing Pro Stock John Deere 8370R “Buck With No Doe”, it was rare to not see the full character and charisma of the man from Morton, Illinois. His unforgettable smile and firm handshake etched themselves in the archives of the minds of the people Jay was able to interact with.

A pulling fan first, Jay got involved in the sport of pulling with Paul Friedrich and Bill Friedrich, and ultimately took his turn on board their John Deere 4960 or 6030 on the ITPA circuit.  In recent years, the team debuted the gorgeous John Deere 8370R that they have campaigned with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, the NTPA, and across the state of Illinois.  From its introduction in 2014, the “Buck With No Doe” has been catching the eye of fans and competitors of the sport, as it is simply beautiful.  With each year and pass down the track the new tractor began to climb in the standings with the biggest feat being Jay earning a top-five finish at the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio this summer 2017.  Finishing in the winner’s circle on the sport’s biggest stage, Saturday Night at Bowling Green brought great joy to Jay as he knew there were more than forty of the best tractors in the country at the event.  While competing was a rush and something that brought pure joy to Jay, it was also clear that a true passion was the pulling fan. It was so often he would spend a moment or two interacting and discussing the intricacies of the tough running tractor he piloted.

In the hours since his passing on November 16th, messages of tribute have been posted in Jay’s honor in tremendous volume. The resonating theme has been a full illustration of his character,  kindness, and amazing love that he carried for those around him. Losing loved ones, and friends is never easy,  and in the loss of Jay Haning, the sport of pulling will have a hole in the pit area but knowing Jay took the time to embrace each moment of life provides a sense of comfort and peace to those who knew him.

When your time comes and the Lord calls upon you for your anointing, will you leave a lasting impression that will ripple across the community like a wave in the water? It is without hesitation that the community that Jay Haning inhabited felt his impact and the waves will continually be crashing for years to come. Rest in Peace Jay, your work here is done and you are now fighting a pain-free battle.


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2 thoughts on “Jay Haning “Buck With No Doe” RIP

  1. To the family of Jay Haning along with those in in the pullining community that were involved with Jay Haning
    May our Heavenly Father Above Give all of you comfort and peace in this difficult time in your lives.
    You all will be in our prayers here in West Michigan.

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