NFMS Pro Stock Tractor Predictions

My friends at Profab present the Miles Beyond 300 NFMS Predictions for the field of Pro Stock Tractors that will compete in four sessions in 2018. Highlighting the field, 2017 winner Brad Moss, and two European competitors who will bring their tractors to compete in 2017.

2018 NFMS Predictions

10,000LB Pro Stock Tractors
NFMS 2017 Finalist
559927_583932368301509_812939915_n1)Brad Moss Young Buck
2)Cody Shay Red Edge Pro
3)Kevin Schmucker Git-Er-Dun Deere
4)Rob Russell Work Horse
5)Danny Schmucker Rampage
6)Allen Legrand The Edge of Sundown
7)Paul Stone Rollin Stone
8)Ken Couch Cotton Pickin’ Deere
9)Mickey Shorter Buck Eater 2
10)Ross Boersen Greenline Express
11)Cory Roberts Ground Scape

IMG_875412)Jack Wischmeier Barely Getting Bye
13)Steve Wischmeier Whiskey Wild
14)Charles Pelletier CP Dream II
15)Mark Lawyer Rapped Up
16)Mike Conny MAC Nasty



IMG_867917)Kevin Masterson River Rat
18)Dennie Brown Green With Envy
19)Don Masterson Tinker Toy
20)Dustin Hart Beyond Limits
21)Tim Cain Red Gambler
22)Chris Cain Aces Wild
23)Tim Ammons Ultimate Harvester


IMG_8073Outlaw Top Finishers
24)Gage Porter Gang Green
25)Clint Metting Bullet Proof Buck
26)David Yarick Dirtslingin Deere
27)Cody Yarick Gone



28)Chance McGrath Last Chance II
29)Nick McCormick Nasty Stuff
30)Friedrichs/Haning Buck With No Doe
31)Darrin Hunt D2 Pro Stock
32)Travis Wileman Diehard Deere
33)Carlton Cope Warpath
34)Blaine Stamm Stammpede
35)Randy Barreau Tool Times 2
IMG_885236)Julia Ray Mr.MAC Daddy
37)Tim Brinkmeier Fuelish Pleasure
38)Dennis Boersen Greenline Express 2
39)Robert Martin John Deere Green
40)Josh Martin Think Green
41)Ryan Walters Chasin’ Tail
42)David Justison Wheat Fed
43)Barend Huijbrechts Rocky
44)William de Vos Extreme Temptation
45)Jay Miller Cruisin Mule
46)Phillip Parish El Nino
47)Jason Svonavec Bootlegger
48)Greg Harmon Preparation H

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