Boyd and Sons Machinery establishes Puller Program

Many of you know and some of you might not know that my day to day job is working as a Marketing Manager for Boyd and Sons Machinery in Washington, Indiana.  Over the last two years of working with the family, I have learned a lot about the equipment business and how most every puller I have ever met has some form equipment around their home, business, farm, or all of the above.  It with great excitement that I share the release below that announces a new program established at Boyd and Sons Machinery, that is specific for Pullers!

Puller Program

In just six short years since they made the decision to purchase the machinery business located at the front of one of their farm fields, Greg and Steve Boyd have worked to revive what was destine to become just another statistic related to the economic downturn.  Applying the same mentality they carried in establishing a successful farming operation and trucking company, the Boyd’s focused on listening to their customers, surrounding themselves with driven people to represent their brand and ultimately packed the shelves of their facility with inventory to allow the sales staff to do their job.  Quickly Boyd and Sons Machinery began to gain momentum in the industry and became known as a go-to supplier of parts for those in need of components to complete their undercarriage, truck and field service, and equipment sales. Oakleypp-2

“It was our goal to provide the foundation the company needed in order to reach the potential it presented.  The partners we have aligned ourselves with supply the best parts in the industry and thus, we are able to sell a product to our customers that we believe in, while applying the highest attention to customer service” stated President Greg Boyd.

In the years since they joined the business, there have been many additions to Boyd and Sons Machinery in the form of; more staffing, a renovation to the headquarters in Washington, Indiana, and an increase in the field service trucks in the fleet. Having more people and space to carry products has increased the opportunity for a customer to order the parts they desire to complete their project and have them quickly from the inventory.

Puller ProgramOver the course of this week, Boyd and Sons Machinery has been working to share information about a new program that is specifically established for truck and tractor pullers.   The program provides competitors with membership to organizations across the country, with specific pricing on everything Boyd and Sons carries.  With a very broad spectrum of products currently in inventory, there is something at Boyd and Sons Machinery for everyone.  “It is our goal to share our passion for pulling with the pullers across the country competing at the state, regional, and national level.  With a pricing structure that is second to none, we look forward to providing industry-leading technology and customer service to the broad network of pulling competitors” stated Marketing Director Miles Krieger.

To take advantage of the program, Contact Miles Krieger at Boyd and Sons to get more information and pricing on the program.  To take a closer look at the products they carry, head to or call 800-443-3909.


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