Shane Kellogg’s Gotta Have It!

“My heart is beating faster babe.  It’s beating like a big bass drum.   You know you got me speeding child, faster than a bullet from a gun.”   If you happen to walk past the beautiful green hauler of the Gotta Have It Team right before a pull, you may hear those lyrics blaring on the speakers of the trailer or from the voices of the crew members who travel with one of the toughest Super Stock Diesel Trucks in the country.  Eighties Hair Band White Snake provides the final pick me up that Shane Kellogg and his teammates need to visualize their effort at one of the over forty events where they compete.  The lyrics to the song “Slow and Easy” coupled with the upbeat tune which features guitar breaks and drum rhythms has become a ritual for the team as they feel they draw good luck from it and luck is a good thing to have on your side in pulling.

From Forest, Ohio, Shane Kellogg cultivated his love of pulling by his father’s side at pulls across the state of Ohio.  The observations he made and desire he developed as a very young boy continue to fuel his passion for success as he is now a grown man.  “My dad taught me at a very early age that ‘if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right’.  I try to set a positive example for any and all people who might be paying attention, especially the little kids.  It is my goal to learn something at every pull about the track, the sled and the truck” stated Kellogg.

Paying attention is an understatement as Kellogg has grabbed the focus of competitors, fans, and diesel heads across the country with his Haisley Machine powered Dodge.  If the truck and its convincing performance weren’t enough maybe it is the immaculate rig that the team uses to transport the 2012 NTPA and Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champion.  A closer look at the hauler and fans may be more interested in taking a tour of it rather than going to watch the Dodge hook to the sled.  It is all really simple for Shane, as the standard at which he holds himself is high and thus he must meet his own expectations before he reaches those of the pulling community.

Fresh off the family farm, Shane drove his 1999 Cummins powered Dodge off the street into the pulling arena for the first time and from that moment he had a fever beyond what he possessed as a child.   Over the course of a few years, the Dodge found its way to several brush pulls to compete and from that experience a plan was devised for the first pulling truck to be built.  In 2005, a 1997 Dodge with 12 valve Cummins was purchased for the sole purpose of getting serious about pulling.  Over the course of the next two years, Kellogg and a host of his friends worked hard to get the truck ready for competition in the ever growing Super Stock Diesel Truck class.  The debut went quite well in 2007, as Gotta Have It finished solidly in third but it was the experience from those events that told the team there was a lot more work to be done.

Upgrades were made in the following two seasons after the debut in 2007, with Shane adding a fiberglass tilt body to provide more moveable weight for the truck and a chassis from Barker Machine to help keep the power on the track.  The new combination showed great potential but the relationship between the chassis and the high horsepower of the engine required more effort as in their pursuit of success, Gotta Have It broke six blocks throughout the summer of 2009.  A full off season of thought and effort between the team and the Haisley Machine staff, brought a new engine program to the truck in the form of the aptly named Super B.  The increased power was unreal and encouraged Shane to hone his skills as a driver to learn the exact way his truck would react to certain driving situations.

Many fans in the stands could attest to Shane’s driving ability as throughout the 2012 season the bar to beat was set by the guys with the support of NASA.  In all truth the space program NASA has not truly supported the team’s efforts to compete, but the letters NASA have formed an acronym that the team adopted in the very early stages of their days on the circuit.  Over the last several years this mantra has been adopted by a few more Ohio based pullers who now carry the letters with them proudly.  For their definition of NASA, please consult Kellogg or one of the other Ohio pullers.

Over the last several years the Super Stock Diesel Truck class has been a fan favorite as it has captivated audiences at some of the nation’s largest pulls like: Tomah, Bowling Green, Indianapolis, and the grand daddy of them all in Louisville, Kentucky.  The efforts of Shane Kellogg and his Gotta Have It team may also be one of the reasons the class has seen tremendous growth and will continue to do so over the course of the next few season.

What began as a love of diesel engines, trucks, and pulling, has become a huge part of Shane Kellogg’s life, but the amount of people he has been able to reach in pulling may be immeasurable.  There truly is no way to determine how many people throughout this country are simply uttering the words, “Gotta Have It.”

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  1. Ditto on the great story, hes a hell of a guy and is def a crowd favorite when he hooks to the sled! Thats my picture I took of his hauler by the way. That guy pissed me off when he walked into the pic…

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